Thursday, 17 April 2008

Warning, Ice can seriously damage your health

Played 5 a-side last Friday and pulled my calf muscle, so, as suggested I put an ice pack on my calf to reduce bleeding in the area and aid a quicker recovery since I am due to play in a football aid charity match on May 20th against the Hollyoaks football team.
Anyway, I left the ice pack on until it defrosted which was about 25 minutes and my calf was a bit sore after from the cold.
Saturday morning and I wake up to still feel the pain, look down and there is a huge blister the size of my fist. It seems that you shouldn't leave the ice on for more than 10-15 minutes at most otherwise you can get an ice burn which is apparently worse than a normal heat burn.
The picture was taken today, 6 days after the event. You can see where the walk in centre have removed the top of the blister.
So be warned!!!
Maybe some warnings needed on the ice packs!
Bloody sore!


  1. ouch looks prety nasty.
    i think you would know me if youve seen me congrats over ladbrokes read about it in poker mag

    my pocketsfives name is bigal37 if you wanna check it out.

    was waying up playing the £200 2 day event monday not sure yet


  2. bigalhx on a few of the sites?
    I think we briefly spoke in Newcastle at that APAT event last year and online a couple of times not long after didnt we. Can't access 2 + 2 from here so will check when i get home.

    Sort of bubbled again in Bolton satellite last night - 9th with 6 seats!

    I think I'm destined not to play Manchester this year!

  3. no i reccognise thst name.
    am mainly play party and f tilt were am bigal37111 and rizingstar
    on pocketfives am bigal37 and 2+2 am bigdaft been playing poker as a sicko for 3 yrs but not sure of my live game though online is pretty good
    was interested in your post about tells thats my worry for manchester next week

  4. I wouldn't worry about it too much. As I said in the post, there are very few people who don't watch the flop and I include a lot of the UK pros in that.

    What I tend to do when I am involved in a pot is to keep my hand covering my mouth and pick a spot on the felt that I stare at once I have made a bet. If anyone speaks to me I just ignore them and keep staring at that spot until they have made their decision unless I feel they are about to do the wrong thing (for me) when I might sometimes do something with the intention of making them change their mind.

    If you do that and always make sure you make your bets in exactly the same way (especially with the same hand) then there is not a lot anyone will be able to pick up on.

    The main thing is don't talk to them if they ask you any questions because the whole reason for asking the question is to try to get a read off you.

    Good luck, hope I run into you there.