Wednesday, 9 April 2008

More Satellite fun

Thursday April 3rd
Bolton £150 f/o
70 runners

I like the Bolton cardroom, it is the venue for my first cash in a ranked event and it only takes me 30 – 40 minutes to get there.

They’ve also started a couple of good tournaments including this one on the first Thursday of the month and they are even starting a monthly Omaha tournament which I might try out next month for something different.

This tournament starts off with 7000 chips and you get another 7000 any time within the first 90 minutes.

My first hand of significance was when I was in the big blind (50/100) with A4 which was limped around to me making 4 to the flop which came A J 6.

I checked and there was a small bet of 200 which I called.

The turn was another ace which I checked again and he bet 600 which I raised to 2600 and he called.

The river was an 8 and we both checked, me hoping for a split pot but his 9 kicker was good enough.

So with 3500 chips left I took my second chance.

I then got AA on the button after 2 limps, a raise to 600 and a call before me so I reraised to 2600 which was called by two players.

The flop came down a pretty safe Q62 which was checked by the original raiser, the caller went all in for his last 1600 which I flat called and the raiser folded.

Cards on their back and he’s got 22 for a set of 2s!

A lovely ace on the turn though and I’ve doubled up to 16000.

Unfortunately that’s where it ends though because, as has been the pattern this year, everything went downhill from there.

Whenever I raised I missed the flop and if I continuation bet they've hit.

Eventually I’m ending up all in with 4 or 5 big blinds left and if I’m ahead I get overtaken or I’m behind and stay there.

So I’ve been experimenting the last few days online, trying to open up my range a bit in the latter parts of the middle of the tournaments to try to avoid getting small stacked.

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

I did play another WSOP satellite on pokerstars on Saturday.

I qualified for it on Thursday using 40 FPP to play in the 4000 FPP satellite with 3 seats available.

There were 500 + players and I got down to 31 players at 3.30 am when I was really struggling to keep my eyes open after a week of very late nights.

Anyway I played this hand really poorly starting off with 100,000 chips and the blinds were something like 1000 2000 ante 100.

I had AhKd in late position and there was a raise to 6000 which I reraised to 18000 and he called. The flop came down 7h 5h 2h so when he lead out for 20 odd thousand and I decided that I would play it as though I had flopped the flush so I called.

The turn was a 5 and he bet again and I considered raising but again thought that if I had the flush I wouldn’t raise here and so flat called again.

The River was another 7.

At this point he bet 30000 of his 50000 into a pot of 80000 and I’m thinking, if he’s calling my reraise with a pair then how could he have been betting like that with a 7, surely he would have slowed down on the turn.

Anyway he had 10 7 and I had thrown away 80000 chips!

I'm not 100% sure about the betting numbers above but i'll check them tonight and update them if they are way out.

I know I should have raised his flop bet and stopped the action there and then but it's all very good saying that in the fresh light of day!!

Needless to say I went out soon after.

So that's it, I've not played much this week as I have been catching up on some sleep but I'll be playing tonight and probably goingto Manchester tomorrow.


  1. Crumbs. Bet you were glad he checked that A-9, surprised he didn't bet.

  2. I know, anything beating him and you've got to think I would bet expecting him to call.

  3. Alright mate, fancy doing a link swap? Let me know and Ill get you linked up too :)

  4. michel you playing gukpt next week?
    nice blog stubbled across it played with you before in leos, am more of online junkie than live

    seen you playing fair bit times ive have played live think seen you at apat event b4 too

    nice blog

  5. Thanks Al, what's your name, would I recognise you?
    Hello anyway.
    Yes I've played a couple of APAT events last year in Cardiff and Newcastle and used to play Leos a lot but not so much lately as the numbers have dropped off on Thursdays, which is when I most often play.

    I haven't qualified for Manchester yet so may not get to play it which would be disappointing as I've played most of the big Grsvenor events in the north west for the last 18 months but bankroll says no at the moment.

    I'll certainly play one or two of the side events anyway.

    See you around and let me know who you are if we cross paths.

    See you around anyway