Sunday, 13 June 2010

An accident waiting to happen...

So the world cup has finally arrived but the optimism has already shrivelled up after Robert Green's howler.
As I heard Adrian Durham, one of the talksport presenters say, Robert Green is an accident waiting to happen. Thankfully it came when it's not too late to recover.

Granted he did make a save later on but to be honest, if that had gone in everyone would have been very disappointed and it nearly did!

Since Ledley isn't fit then Dawson needs to play alongside Terry because Carra is too much like Terry and we are very vulnerable with those two playing at the same time but it doesn't look like that will happen!

It's good to see Barry back, hopefully he can play himself back to match sharpness over the next couple of games whilst still managing to get through.

I wish Capello would play Crouch instead of Heskey, whilst Heskey did well to set up the goal, it's nothing that Crouch couldn't have done and his goals per minute must be up there with the best England have ever had.

I've not been playing much recently because I've been really busy, including a fantastic trip to London to watch Emma dancing in a fantastic show at the Albert Hall that was done with the school and the Royal National Ballet. The show was superb and it was great to see how exhilarated the kids were after the show.

Anyway... come on England!!!!

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