Tuesday, 6 April 2010

strained relations

Rafa is getting some stick in the papers today about substituting Torres on Sunday in a must win match and rightly so!
Judging by the look of bewilderment on his face when it happened he was clearly not injured and was obviously told to put the
Ice on his knee to stop rafa getting stick. Even more bewildered though was Gerrard who had a look of utter astonishment.

I am going to draw 2 pieces of comfort from that look though:

1. Gerrard has been playing the way Owen did before he left and with the rumours going around I felt that there was a fair chance he was going but
That look of disappointment shows how much he still wanted to win the game.- although selling Gerrard might be in the club's best interests given his age and market value

2. My thoughts that there is a bit of a problem between Rafa and the squad does look like it might have some
Truth in it. I do think now that if we can get Mourinho or Hiddinck then we should!

On the poker front I've not played many tournaments online as I've been dabbling in low limit omaha hilo and spent a couple of hundred dollars learning that I need to be trying to win both halves of the pot. Since I learned that lesson I've won back most of the $200 at the $0.10 0.20 level and I'm enjoying it.

Live I haven't cashed in a tourney but a few good cash sessions has earned me some nice
profits including 1 $800 profit session at $1/$2 in Leo's where top pair was paying me
off every time I had them beat.

Anyway, that's it for now.


  1. The question is do you think you can make 4th?!

  2. Look at the remaining fixtures for City and Spurs and you'll see that we've still got a good chance. Also good to see that we and Fulham are the last English teams in European competition!

  3. Jose stated that he will not come to Anfield (fiancial restrain), also Guus already taken the Turkey's team job. Frank Rijkaard might be a choice, or Mancini if Man City can lure Morhino to Eastland.