Saturday, 31 May 2008

Cracks in the foundations

Where do I start, it's been a while since I updated about live poker and whilst I've only been playing once a week, it's sometimes difficult to keep the motivation each time you go out with jacks against J9 all in pre flop.

I suppose part of it is because the tournaments i'm playing become quite fast when it becomes all in or foldin the latter middle stages unless you have a very big stack.

But I won't go on, if someone could let the poker gods know it's about time I cashed that would do!

I'm actually writing this with my wrist strapped up pending getting it put into a cast on Monday. When I played that charity match last week I was tackled and fell onto my wrist.

It's been getting worse over the last 10 days and when I saw the doctor today he sent me for an xray where I was not only told that I had probably fractured my scaphoid bone in my wrist but he also showed me an old break on the other side of my wrist.

So as from Monday I'll have my wrist on a cast for 6 weeks.

As for tonight, well I've touched on my exit hand but the whole night went like that from the moment my AA wasn't good enough for QJ on a J high flop.

I did get one hand of luck when my 22 all in pre flop beat QQ to double me up.

Anyway, I registered for the Pokerplayer event next week in Bolton tonight so I'm looking forward to that next week and I'll take it from there.

It's back to the drawing board, re-read a couple of books and try to get back on track!

Monday, 19 May 2008

Chip and a chair

I haven't updated this for a while and I have 2 unfinished posts (well unstarted actually - but I have some notes)

However, I've just finished 2nd in the midnight Ladbrokes tournament and I'm absolutely over the moon.

It's not something that would normally get me excited as it's a $75 freezeout and the prize money of $642, whilst a welcome boost at the moment, is not one of my biggest wins but the nature of the win is what is most pleasing.
The reason is because 3rd hand of the tournament the following happened:

So this left me with 20 chips in the big blind.

I won that hand with 75 on 5 10 8 7 4 board winning 90 chips.

Then I'm dealt A5 faced with a raise and call but decide to gamble all or nothing, the 5678 10 board now gives me 360 and I have some play (starting stacks are 2000) 36 players, top 5 paid.

a few hands later and I'm dealt 44 in the cut off after a limp from the cut off (A2) and I raise all in and get reraised by the button (QQ) who is also called by the cut off. A 4 on the flop gives me the pot and I'm back in business with 980 chips and half the starting stack.

2 hours later and I've come second.

So as they say, all you need is a chip and a chair.... and a little bit of luck.

On a non poker front I'm playing in a charity match for the Football aid charity on Tuesday against the HollyOaks Team - something my neice and daughter are really looking forward to.

You can see the details of the charity here:

I have to raise £600 in sponsorship for this so if anyone is feeling charitable, all donations are gladly accepted through pokerstars or paypal.

I've had a lot of problems with injuries recently so I'm just hoping to survive the match intact!!!