Tuesday, 8 January 2008

A quick heads up

I don't normally update the blog unless I have played live but I've just had a dabble at heads up, inspired by Snoopy's posts since that is his game of choice I believe (there is a link to his blog on the left and it is a very good read)

Anyway, as I expected the rake was the biggest winner.

Granted the player I was playing was playing very tight - which may not be the best opponent to play against - snoopy might comment on that.

To illustrate how the game went here are some of the stats from Pokertracker.

We played for 1.28 hours He won $1033.90 from me and I won $1033.15 from him at a $1/$2NL table.

We both bought in for the maximum $200 and I reloaded an extra $175 after he made a very good call on one of the numerous times I represented a flush - he had to call me eventually!

To demonstrate how tightly he was playing he won 73 times and lost 144 including folding his button countless times which is why I decided to stay at the table since this is lost money I believe - again any comments are welcome.

One thing I have noticed about pokertracker though is that the amount lost as shown in pokertracker does not reflect the amount actually lost according to what I put down at the table compared with what I took away.

I have it as bringing $375 to the table and taking away $267 - a loss of $108 (I know my rakeback will recover 36% of this) whereas PT shows a loss of $44. I can see that the rake is $37.40 but even that does not make up the difference. Not sure what is going on there.

As far as how PT is ranking the player (I use the default rules) it has him down as being Loose aggressive - aggressive. Now there is no way I would have ranked him like that. Presumably the fact that we were heads up must have an influence since he was in the blinds every hand.
I've pasted a screen shot for him (Capita) and me (Tolekim) at the top - I can't seem to move it and it'll take too long to figure out.
Anyway, I may give it a go of a weekend evening once people are back from the pub to see if that is more worthwhile.
Anyway, that's all for now. The curse of the part-time poker player - yet another very late night - has destroyed my plans of getting more than 6 hours sleep again!


  1. Alright.

    those PT default rules are shite and not worth even looking at. Plus they are for full ring i think.
    For them to be any good you gotta spend a lot of time tuning them in to your own reads/ideas on players.
    It has taken nearly a year for me to get my 6-max rules just how i want them so they give me an accurate read on a player.

    Just got a letter from the G-casino in Manchester with its new torny rota. It seems good, all NL and a couple of deepstack events thrown in, plus their cash games are ok there too. Hows the new Circus casino in Liverpool looking??

  2. You can find the schedules on AWOP here http://www.aworldofpoker.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9454

    The £100 freezeout strating this Sunday at 4.30 sounds like it is going to be popular based on the people I have talked to (30 min clock with 10000 starting stack.

    I'll be playing quite a few and the tournaments qualify for the GSNPL too.

    Not sure about the other games because the Monday tournament is up against Leos which is well established.

    If you see me at any of the tourneys say hello.

    If anyone has a a good set of Pokertracker rules for a full ring game that they are prepared to share with a Pokertracker novice I would be very grateful.

  3. Well, I don't think there's anything wrong with tight players as long as they are tight passive. If that is the case, then you can just grind them down, quicker than you might think. If he's a tight solid player with a few bullets in his gun, then he's probably best avoided as (1) it'll take you too long to beat him unless you hit a cooler and (2) there are plenty more fishier fish in the sea.

    Good luck bud,


  4. Oh, one more thing. I believe there's a setting you have to tick to let Poker Tracker know that you're playing heads up.

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