Friday, 20 April 2012

FA Cup competition

I'm running an FA Cup Final competition on behalf of my softball team the Speeders.

Anyone intersted in entering let me know, the details are below:



1.    Pick a number that you think will be the total of the shirt numbers of all the scorers in the FA cup final.

2.    Guess the time of the first goal. In the event of a tie the entrant whose guess is closest to the time of the first goal will be declared the winner.

3.    All times and goalscorers will be as published on

4.    Own goals, extra time and penalties count


Stephen Gerrard (no 8) scores in the 33rd minute
Didier Drogba (no 11) scores in the 58th minute.
Scores are level at full time.

 During extra time:

Stephen Gerrard (No 8) scores again in the 100th minute.
Jordan Henderson (No 14) scores in the 118th minute

Liverpool win the FA Cup

The result is calculated as 8 + 11 + 8 + 14 = 41

Whoever’s guess is closest to 41 wins the prize.
A list of entries and the results will be posted onto our Facebook page at

The aim of the competition is to raise money for the club.  50% of the proceeds will go to the club and the remaining 50% to the Competition Winner(s).

Please feel free to enter as many entries as you can afford (£5 per entry).  Please encourage family, friends, work colleagues etc to participate, the more the merrier!

If we can encourage 50 people to participate, you can win £125 for a £5 stake.


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